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So here we are again in lockdown. Strangely except for the lack of cash flow , it's not so bad. It has given me a little extra time to reflect and work on my best! So I have been working on my mindset and my goals, but it occurred to me that many of my friends who are entrepreneurs are having a very hard time. So I have decided to shop local or online with my friend's businesses, so I can support them and not the billionaires of the world. Nothing wrong with being a millionaire , but from now on let's support the people who really need a hand right now. It may mean that they can pay bills, keep food in the house, get their kids a gift that they really want or just keep up with the technology that we all need to work from home. So this year I only ask that when you are shopping, do so mindfully...With a little cooperation we will all come through this happier and healthier...Cheers!

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What a great idea to support your friends' businesses. I will do that as well. We need a movement.

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