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How to Protect your Hair from PPE

Today I am going to share some of my observations.

So lately I have noticed with some of my front line workers, that they are experiencing hair breakage in the occipital region of their head. After some investigating I discovered that it is being caused by the PPE that they have to wear. It seems the sheilds are held in place with either velcro(Yikes!) Or elastic bands.

So how can we protect the hair from this damaging, yet necessary piece of equipment? Well I have come up with some tips for you, here they are:

  1. If your hair is longer , gather it into a low ponytail. Then take a nice silky scarf and tie it over your head( think 1960's This will keep the velcro from tangling and ripping your hair . It will be stylish too!

  2. If your shield has an elastic attachment take a smooth ribbon and wind it around the elastic, that way it won't tangle in your hair.

  3. Be very careful removing the face shield. I know you want it off but don't just rip it off. Easy does it!

  4. If you can get some of those cute little surgical caps those would work well.

  5. For those of you who don't have a scarf , visit your nearest Dollarama they usually carry what we in the hair biz refer to as "Do Rags" again just a silky head covering that saves your hairstyle while sleeping. When I get out to a store I will do a video on this and put it on my vimeo. Or maybe on here.

The main thing is to cover either the offending article or cover your head.

Hope this helped someone out there! Cheers Lynne

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