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Green , Gut , Glow

So Green , Gut , Glow, what is it you ask? Let's start with the Green. Our BeWell Super Food Greens is a blend of 36 fruits and vegetables in one scoopand only 35 calories. The Gut Health Digestion & Microbiome Support is both a Prebiotic and a Probiotic along with a Digestive enzyme and Support favorable Gut Flora. These 2 combined with 250 ml of water (I use more) give you your daily recommended values. Great for Digestion and decreasing bloating.

Now for the Glow..Skin Elixer Collagen Support. A combination of Hyaluronic Acid , Vitamin C , Biotin and Silicon. This product entices your body to produce more of its own natural collagen. Amazing for skin , hair and nails. I personally take the Glow at night, because that is when your body produces Collagen.

So if you are someone who is experiencing tummy upsets, bloating , this products may help you. And who doesn't want better hair, skin and nails?

On sale right now for an additional 15% off for Mother's Day! Ask me how to get the best deal! Cheers !

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