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All About Me!

Hello my name is Lynne Gabriel. I am a freelance Hairstylist and Beauty Expert. I have been doing hair for many years and i absolutely love what i do. It makes me very happy to help people transform their look to suit their circumstance , or their mood. I am an award winning colourist and i deal with hair textures of all types. My main focus for many years has been working with super curly , afro textured hair. I love working with different hair types of all kinds fine, straight , curly , long , short. The best thing is helping people deal with any kind of hair dilemma. Tomorrow i will discuss something that is happening to our front line workers...stay tuned.

My other passion is Health and Wellness, for many years all my co-workers would come to me when unwell, so it seems just natural that once i became an entrepreneur that i would also become involved in a Health and Wellness business. Just a natural progression i guess. Anyway i hope you all enjoy my musings about all things beauty and maybe a few videos too!

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